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Blight & Code Compliance

lawn mower Perhaps this is a good time to look at your sidewalks. As I travel around the community I have noticed, especially along Michigan Avenue, the number of sidewalks that need to be shoveled in the winter and edged in the summer. In some cases, the grass, roots and dirt have covered more than half of the sidewalk. This may not seem all that important but for those that are elderly passing by, those with children in strollers, those with some sort of physical handicap that requires a scooter, wheelchair or walker, the extra grass and soil or snow over the sidewalk can be extremely dangerous. It catches wheels and causes people to stub their toes on it which opens up liability for you! That’s right, if you do not maintain the sidewalk, you could potentially be sued for an injury to someone passing by your house. This could be due to the mentioned grass, roots and dirt that have overgrown your sidewalk, or cracked or missing cement that has broken or come loose from your sidewalk. These are all potentially dangerous hazards that are just laying in wait for an accident to happen. If you are unable to edge the sidewalk, any landscaping company in the area should be able to edge for you. It will also make your property look better as well.

Another subject that comes up year after year is not cutting your lawns. It is amazing to me that I have repeat cases every year. It should be obvious by now that lawns need to be cut in warm weather. If your lawn is longer than 6 inches, MOW IT!  I know most people would rather do many things besides mow the grass but if you choose to live in a neighborhood with lawns, it is a fact of life. Believe me when I say I get no pleasure in reminding full grown adults that it’s time to mow the yard. 

Thank You for caring about your lawn and your neighborhood. Help us to Build a Better Bedford.

The Phone number to call for the road department to  pick up dead deer and mattresses and other trash is

Mike Savio
Blight and Code Compliance

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