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Social Media

download - CopyGeneral Guidelines of Acceptable Use for Social Media 

The Township Clerk will work together with elected and appointed personnel to ensure that the information posted using social media tools will be easy to understand, accessible in multiple formats and is accurate. 

  1. All Charter Township of Bedford social media sites will be subject to approval by an elected official. 
  2. The Charter Township of Bedford website,, will remain the Township’s primary and predominant internet presence. 
  3. The Charter Township of Bedford will use social media as a tool that can fall into two separate categories:
    1. As a channel for disseminating time sensitive information as quickly as possible, for example, emergency information;
    2. As a marketing/promotional channel that will increase the Township’s ability to broadcast its messages to the widest possible audience.
  4. Wherever possible, the information and content that is posted to the Charter Township of Bedford social media sites will also be available on the Township’s main website in an effort to remain consistent and reach multiple communication channels. 
  5. When appropriate, social media posts should contain a link directing users to the Township’s official website to ensure that the community has access to in-depth information relating to the topic, forms, documents and other online services necessary.