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Burn Permits

burnCharter Township of Bedford Fire Department Burning Permits

  • No burning is allowed near woodlands, wetlands, creeks or on roadways.
  • Fires shall be constantly attended by a responsible adult until the fire is extinguished.
  • No permit is required for campfires with the primary purpose of food preparation.
  • No burning permit is needed when snow is on the ground.
  • All burning must be done during daylight hours and extinguished at sunset except for campfires.
  • Campfire area shall be no closer than 50 feet from any building and is limited to a pile of three (3) feet in height and eight (8) feet in diameter; larger brush piles must be a minimum of 100 feet from the nearest building which is not on the same property.
  • Wind speed shall be less that 10 mph and smoke shall not be blowing into other properties to cause an impact of smoke and odors on neighbors.
  • Only trees, bursh, limbs, and leaves shall be burned. No trash or yard waste shall be allowed.
  • No permit is required for contained, recreational fires. Property owner must ensure that the area is cleared so that the fire cannot easily spread and can be easily controlled.
  • Permit holder agrees to comply with the conditions of this permit and exercise appropriate caution while burning, and the permit holder assumes sole responsibility for any and all damage to life and property resulting from burning under this permit. The permit holder shall hold the Charter Township of Bedford blameless should said damage occur.
  • Violations of this ordinance will be enforced as outlined in section 12 of the burning ordinance as provided for in section 11 of the Bedford Township Civil Infraction Ordinances. Fines may be included.

The permit will be valid for 10 days from request. The fire official shall have the authority to revoke a burn permit for violation of any of the above regulations. Permit holder must extinguish the fire immediately upon the request of any fire department officer.

Please complete and submit the form below to request a burn permit. By completing the form you agree to comply with the rules and regulations stated above. Print the rules for your reference. Thank you!

Burning Permit Online Request Form