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Building & Zoning Position Available

Building & Zoning Administrator
Full time position
Monday- Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm 

The Building & Zoning Administrator handles all building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and rental permits for contractors, landlords, and/or residents.  This also entails making sure they are building in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and meeting all setback requirements.  This involves charging appropriate fees, as outlined by AMSA, of which the Township is a member, and accepting payment for the Township of any permit-related fees.  This individual also handles the issuance of medical & Adult-Use Marijuana facility licenses when approved through the Planning Commission.  All building tasks are handled via BS&A software.

The Building & Zoning Administrator handles any publications for Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meetings, related mailings for public hearings, getting the agenda ready, and making sure commission members get paid for their services.  The Building & Zoning Administrator regularly attends all Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals meetings to keep up-to-date on any changes or concerns that would affect the performance of their job duties, prints meeting minutes from the secretary of the Planning Commission, and provides a copy of the agenda and minutes to the Clerk for recordkeeping.  This position does not have any vote on the Planning Commission or the ZBA nor do they write the ordinances.   They may request assistance from the Township attorney if uncertain as to interpreting the ordinances.  From time to time this position may assist the Planning Commission in gathering information and conducting research on a topic of interest for possible consideration and change. 

Updates to the Zoning Ordinances and Master Plan are required every five (5) years by Michigan Law.   This individual will assist the Planning Commission with gathering needed maps & documentation from surrounding Townships. Zoning Ordinances were last reviewed and revised in 2013 and adopted in April 2014.  The Master Plan was reviewed and revised in 2014 and adopted in December 2014. 

Marijuana Duties include processing conditional use applications and scheduling the PC public hearing, posting notices, notifying all residents within 300 feet of the property. Processing the marijuana application, maintaining the proper documents for each company. Inspecting the properties that have been approved and licensed to assure ordinance compliance. Verify that the State of Michigan license is valid and up to date. The records of all licenses must be kept, updated and have the ability to produce an up to date licensing stats for meetings.

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